China Market Guide

Ten Areas Favorable for Overseas Investors

China State Commission of Economics and Trade declares that China encourages overseas investment in the following 10 areas

1. Comprehensive and new technological agroeconomic projects like the retooling of low-and medium-yield farmland and the development of high yield varieties.

2. Construction of infrastructural facilities in the sectors including energy and communications, and basic inductrial projects, such as the production of key raw and processed materials.

3. State designated pillar industries, including machinery, electronics, petrochemicals and automobile. 4. Projects capable of introducting advanced technologies to improve economic returns and productivity of domestic enterprises, and the products that can meet the demands in the home market.

5. Projects that can increase foreign exchange earing through export.

6. Projects using new technologies and equipment to comprehensively use resources and recycled resources. 7. Technologies and equipment helpful for pollution control and environment protection.

8. Emerging industrial technologies and equipment, such as bio-chemical, telecom networking systems, isotope radiation and laser, maring development and the development of oceanic energy.

9. Service industry, such as consultancy services, maintenance and after sales service of precision instruments. 10. Projects that can make good use of the labor-force and natural resources in central and western China.