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Yanjiao Economic & Technological Development Zone


Yanjiao was approved to be a provincial level economic and technological development zone in July 1992. Later in December 1999, it was ratified to be a provincial level high tech industrial park. Thanks to the great efforts of developers, Yanjiao Development Zone has grown into a brand new satellite city to Beijing covering 15 square kilometers with a population over 100,000. It has become a high tech industrial development base, integrating science and technology, manufacture, tourism, finance and trade.

At present, Yanjiao Development Zone has stepped into an accelerating development stage. Assimilating world achievements and making full use of domestic and international market, Yanjiao is promising to grow into a large modern satellite town of the capital city and a silicon valley to the east of Beijing. It will be an open window for Sanhe City with a brand new look and be a bridge connecting Hebei province with Beijing.

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Located on the lower reaches of the Hai River, Yanjiao Development Zone enjoys a temperate monsoon climate, abundant sunshine and sufficient rainfall. These features help to create a nice ecological system and first grade air quality in this area.


Located on the bank of Chaobai River, Yanjiao Development Zone faces Beijing across the river. It is 30km east to Tian¡¯anmen Square, 125km west to Tangshan, 260km to Qinhuangdao and 120km north to Tianjin. Yaojiao lies in the heart of the economic ¡°Golden Triangle¡± of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan. With predominant position, Yanjiao has become a market center in this area.

Yanjiao Development Zone is 25km southeast to Beijing International Airport, 180km north to Tianjin Port, 260km south to Qinhuangdao Port. Beijing-Yanjiao Expressway, Beijing-Qinhuangdao Electric Railway, Dalian-Qinhuandao Railway and No.102 National Highway (Beijing to Harbin) run across this zone. No. 930 bus commuting regularly between Beijing and Yanjiao provide a convenient way to link two places around the clock.


Through past years¡¯ development and construction, infrastructure in Yanjiao has been well established: road, telecommunication, water supply, power supply, gas supply, heat supply, industrial steam, drainage system, information highway and leveled land.

  1. Sufficient Power Supply: Sanhe Power Plant, a key project in 9th National Five-year Plan with a total investment of RMB 5.3 billion, has an installed capacity of 1.7 million KW. Two generating units have been in operation since October 1999. With two 110kv converting station and two power-supply networks (one for Beijing and one for Hebei Province), sustained power supply has been double guaranteed.
  2. Convenient Communication: Two sets of communication networks have been established for Beijing and Hebei telephone service respectively. The program-controlled telephone system can provide both domestic and international long distance service. Internet access service has been available.
  3. Water Supply: A water plant with daily supply capacity of 40,000t is available in Yanjiao. Another plant with daily supply capacity of 40,000-60,000t is under construction.
  4. Heat & Steam: A heat supply plant with daily capacity of 2.6 million sq. m. has been put into operation. It provides industrial steam to manufacturers year around.
  5. Gas Supply: Pipelined gas is accessible for both residential and industrial use.
Service Facilities

Equipped with facilities such as hotels, movie theater, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, school, kindergarten, amusement park, recreation center, international conference center, financial center and commodity inspection office, Yanjiao provide a comfortable and quality community for people working and living there.

Investment Inviting Project

New Type Auto Emission Catalyzing Cleaner 
Double-opening Glass-Metal Vacuum Solar Energy Thermal Arrest Tube  
Sanhe City Waste Disposal Project  
Sanhe City Waste Water Disposal Project  
Sanhe City Fly-ash Multiple Purpose Project  
Crystal Color Decorative Material Production  
Shuzhong Pollen Production  
Taiyi Oral Liquid Production  
Inter-pole Zinc-Manganese Battery Mass Production

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