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"Why China"?

Executives in small-medium sized companies (SMCs) would frequently ask this question when they were invited to look at the Chinese market ten years ago. Twenty years ago, people would even ask the question, "why go global?" Most people believed that global trade was exclusively reserved for Fortune 500 firms! However, those times are long past.

Today, whether we like it or not, everyone's marketplace has become "global", both for Fortune 500 firms and SMCs. The hard reality is that if U.S. firms don't quickly explore, identify and take advantage of the business opportunities in pivotal global markets such as China, sooner or later, they will either lose the window opportunity to expand their business, or lose the business entirely to other foreign competitors and/or domestic competitors that had recognized and taken advantage of the opportunities in overseas markets. It is just a matter of time. The door can close quickly and permanently in the global marketplace.

The good news is that you are not alone! Your efforts to survive and succeed in today's global marketplace are fully backed by the federal government and its partner organizations. Despite the US trade deficit with China hitting a new record high, the US export to China has increased by 34% during the first 10 month of 2006, showing great potential for US SMCs. Even better news is that the Chinese government is willing to do whatever they can to help balance the trade relationship with the US in 2007 as per the agreement reached by both countries in December 2006.

In response to the call from the Secretary Gutierrez to form partnerships between the US Department of Commerce and other organizations, and in order to help US SMCs exploit this window opportunity to export and expand in China, the US-China Exchange Association (USCEA) is now launching the China EZPath program to help US SMCs achieve success in the global marketplace.

What Are the Major Hurdles Blocking US SMC from Participating in China/Global Market?

  1. Lack of the knowledge on the China market and not enough connections

    There is no question about it. China is a complex foreign market. China is remote. Chinese people speak many different languages and have different cultural practices. How can US SMCs effectively and efficiently get through these barriers, and take full advantage of this enormous China market with 1.3 billion consumers? As you will see, the China EZPath Program is especially designed to addressing these issues.

  2. Doing business overseas is costly.

    Compared to doing business domestically, doing business overseas can be costly. However, in today's globalized environment, not doing business overseas could be even more costly - it could cost your business! Considering the cost issue to a SMCs, China EZPath Program carefully calculates and minimizes the expenses of services rendered in order to make it absolutely affordable, and more importantly, valuable, for the SMCs. For example, the travel expenses for a trade mission to Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing for 10 days staying in 4-5 star hotels are similar to travel expenses one would incur traveling to New York, LA and Washington, DC, and staying in 3-star hotels. Furthermore, the China EZPath trip also includes banquets, cultural tours, entertainment, and much more. But most importantly, China EZPath provides in depth exposure to substantive buyers and government officials in the Chinese market! By using China EZPath, a US SMC can engage in International Business in China with Domestic Expense. China EZPath is extremely economical.

What You Gain from the China EZPath Program:

  1. Education about the China market. USCEA has a business news column - The China Market Guide - in its frequently visited web site: to provide US SMCs with some general introduction about and knowledge of China. The contents cover China's geography, industry, culture, legal issues, taxation, etiquette and protocol, business environment, and many other need-to-know facts about doing business in and with China.
  2. Information about Chinese Buyers and other potential Chinese business partners. USCEA will periodically update the list of the purchasing requests and other business opportunities in China via the website column - China Business Leads - and other USCEA media.
  3. Export to China Listing. USCEA will list the products and services that US SMC participants would like to sell to China on the web column - Export to China - free of charge. So far, USCEA has more than 4000 Chinese member-companies and more than 200,000 non-member-companies in its nationwide network in China. The USCEA web site receives, on average, more than 3000 visits per day, and more than 1 million per year.
  4. Expand in China Listing. USCEA will list other non-export business needs for participating SMCs on the web column - Expand in China - free of charge.
  5. Display Window. A display of participating SMC brochures or any other marketing documents in Display Window of USCEA China Office in Shanghai.
  6. Match US SMC Exporters with Chinese Buyers. USCEA will match the export requests of program participants with Chinese buyers through its local offices and nationwide network in China. So far, USCEA has already set up local offices in many major Chinese cities, and partner relationships with more than 100 Chinese local governments and more than 200 large business organizations in China.
  7. Match US SMC Service Providers with Chinese Partners. USCEA will match the other non-export requests of program participants, such as sourcing, joint venture, etc. with proper Chinese partners through its local offices and nationwide network in China as well.
  8. Face-to-Face Meetings. No matter how far modern technologies develop, nothing can replace a face-to-face discussion. When Chinese buyers are identified, USCEA will help arrange face to face meetings for the US SMC exporters and the matched Chinese buyers, either in the US or China via trade missions or individual visits. USCEA will arrange the face to face meeting for SMC service providers as well.
  9. Follow-up Service. The Program will provide follow up services after the face-to-face meetings to help get contracts inked, implemented, and carried out according to the contracts specifications, upon the requests of the Program participants.
  10. Customized Services. In addition to the standardized services listed above, USCEA will also provide customized services to the program participants. They include, but are not limited to, setting up offices in China, finance services, legal services, market entry research, business development strategy, and other consulting services.

How Should I Start?

Send request to to get the simple steps to start.

How Much Does it Cost?

The program participants can participate all or just part of the program. Send the request for participation to to get price information for the services you requested. The service item (1) - (4) is free of charge. Other China EZPath services, especially the trade missions, are very economical.

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