Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Camp Program

This Program aims to provide a platform for Chinese young entrepreneurs to explore their leadership potential and develop them into future business leaders.


Outstanding young entrepreneurs who are continuing their business study, enjoy sound health and qualifications, and demonstrate entrepreneurship, abilities to accept challenges, willingness to make a difference and initiatives to become business leaders.

Tentative Schedule:

Time Schedule
Friday, October 6th From Shanghai (or Beijing) to New York
Saturday, October 7th Visit Columbia University, the United Nations Headquarters, Times Square, and the Wall Street, etc.
Sunday, October 8th A.M.: Visit West Point
P.M.: From New York to Washington, D.C.
Monday, October 9th A.M.: Visit the Small Business Administration
P.M.: Attend a Special Forum Given by World Bank International Finance Corporation Chief Economist Professor Chu Haoquan
Tuesday, October 10th A.M.: Visit the White House, the Congress building, and the Lincoln Memorial, etc.
P.M.: From Washington, D.C. to Dallas
Wednesday, October 11th A.M.: Visit George W. Bush Presidential Center, Dallas Cowboys stadium, etc.
P.M.: Meet with President George W. Bush
Thursday, October 12th From Dallas back to Shanghai (or Beijing)
Friday, October 13th Arrive at Shanghai (or Beijing)
P.S.: The above arrangements are subject to reasonable adjustments.