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GASME was Granted Consultative Status with UNIDO

Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME) was officially granted consultative status with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) at the 40th session of the Industrial Development Board, which took place from November 20-22, 2012. The consultative status is a symbol of a formal cooperative relationship between UNIDO and GASME. Receiving the status was a historic moment in the development of GASME and also an essential step to the establishment of an exchange platform for global SMEs.

Consultative status with UNIDO is viewed as an international acknowledgement for excellent and professionalism for the non-governmental organization (NGO) with the granted status.

In today’s increasingly globalized world, SMEs have unprecedented global competition. They are both the most dynamic and the most vulnerable players in the global economy. Therefore, there is a need for a globally coordinated platform to promote the international cooperation and exchange among SMEs that can enable them to better grow and develop. This is a compelling, but also challenging mission for GASME.

Incorporated in the United States in 2009, GASME was founded by the US-China Exchange Association (USCEA) in association with more than a hundred other prominent trade organizations from G20 countries.

After 4 years of unconventional development, GASME has become an important advocator and practitioner of international cooperation and exchange among SMEs. So far, it has successfully co-organized more than 60 events and meetings in Asia, North America, South America and Europe, including “Global SME Expo”, “US-China SME Partnership Week”, “Europe-China SME Partnership Week”, “US-China Entrepreneurs Summit”, “China SME International Development Forum”, “US-Zhejiang SME Partnership Week”, “US-China Business Matchmaking Conference”, “UK-China SME Partnership Week”, “UK-China Business Matchmaking Conference”, “Canada-China Business Matchmaking Conference”, “Australia-China Business Matchmaking Conference”, “Brazil-China Business Matchmaking Conference”, etc., with its predecessor US-China Exchange Association(USCEA), US Department of Commerce, US Small Business Administration, UNIDO, National League of Cities, British Chamber of Commerce, China International Cooperation Association of SMEs(CICASME), China Association of SMEs(CASME), German-Chinese Business Association(DCW), United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce and regional authorities in China. The total number of attending entrepreneurs and officials was exceeded 5,000 and more than 200 business and trade agreements were signed. GASME has made great contribution to the exchange and cooperation among global SMEs. It has earned widespread acclaim from politicians and businessmen around the world.

The privileged consultative status with UNIDO will provide GASME a bigger stage to lead, organize, and promote international cooperation among SMEs in a broader and more meaningful way.

From 2013 to 2015, GASME plans to achieve the following 5 objectives:

1.Build a UNIDO SME Center in the Yangtze Delta with a total investment of 300 million dollars.

2.Co-host the “China SME Global Development Forum” annually with UNIDO in a developed or a developing country.

3.Co-host the “US-China SME Partnership Week” and the “Europe-China SME Partnership Week” with UNIDO and Chinese government.

4.Co-host the “Roundtable Summit of Chinese Business Leaders with World Leaders”, the “Roundtable Summit of Chinese Business Leaders with World Business Leaders” and the “Roundtable Summit of Chinese Business Leaders and Nobel Laureates in Economics” with the Shanghai Entrepreneur Association, All China Private Enterprises Confederation and the Global Times.

5.Release “Investment Guidelines of G20” and the “Annual Development Report of SMEs in G20” under the guidance of UNIDO and relevant authorities of G20 countries.